Find below a technical explanation of the list of terms we use to describe our jewelry:

  • AB crystals: Created from clear crystals and then coated with a special film on one side. This special film reflects light spectacularly and shines different colors depending on it's surroundings. 


  • Rhodium: Rhodium is a rare platinum group metal (PGM) that is chemically stable at high temperatures, resistant to corrosion. In jewelrymaking, rhodium is primarily used as an overlay to provide a piece with a silver-like shine that is resistant to tarnishing


  • Signity CZ: A synthetic, lab-produced stone (Cubic Zirconia) which is renowned for its quality. We recommend checking out this blog post for a better idea of exactly how a Signity differs from a regular CZ.


  • Vermeil (French, pronounced "ver-may"): a metal made by coating a base of sterling silver with gold that is at least 10 karat and a minimum of 2.5 microns thick (100/1,000,000 inch). All of our products use 14kt gold vermeil.